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Biosecurity Self-scan Toolkit

Version 1.7.3-RELEASE © 2012-2015 RIVM

Transport security

Are all personnel responsible for shipping biological agents familiar with the procedures of shipping and of external transport regulations? The transportation of materials is subject to statutory regulation. This regulation must be complied with.
Are the procedures related to shipping and external transport regulations for biological agents being followed? Packaging for the shipping of infectious and genetically modified micro-organisms and diagnostic samples must be carried out according to statutory regulations.
Does the organisation require the selected transport companies to comply with legislation (ADR/IATA)? Ensure that the transport companies you have chosen to carry biological agents comply with the ADR/IATA.
Does the organisation preselect the transport companies they intend to use for transportation of the biological material? Transport companies that transport biological agents can be preselected on the basis of legal criteria.
Has the organisation entered into certain agreements with the transport company regarding the security of the biological agents? An example of such an agreement would be that a minimum of two people must man the transport vehicle at all times, thus ensuring that it is never left unattended.
Has the organisation entered into certain agreements with the recipient of the biological material? An example of such an agreement would be that the recipient reports the actual receipt of said materials.
Does the organisation carry out a risk assessment before each transportation? A risk assessment follows a set format to determine the likelihood of incidents occurring and of their effects.
Have guidelines been set for internal transportation? Examples of such guidelines are the immediate handling (internal distribution or secure storing) of incoming goods. Results from the risk assessment may be used to implement certain measures that would reduce any risks.
Has the organisation prevented the possibility of packages being left unattended during internal transportation, precluding unauthorised access to biological agents? This question concerns transportation inside the organisation. Biological agents must not be left unattended at any time. They must be securely stored immediately after entering the facility.